RX 145.470  TX 144.870   PL Tone 146.2
Echolink Node 890370 – Wires X 21296
New Repeater
RX 449.050    TX 444.050


The KK4EQF repeater is presently running dual Alinco DR 135 VHF radios putting out 50 watts of power.  The controller for the repeater is a CAT 200 with a CL-100.  The entire repeater can be accessed and maintained with a wifi point to point bridge.  To control the power, I have installed an internet controlled power switching system that can power cycle the repeater if necessary without going to the repeater site.  The antenna for the system is a Diamond X200A with a 6.0 (dB) gain.

TalincoDR135he repeater is at approximately 200 feet above the Gulf of Mexico.  Some people might not find this very high, but in Pinellas County there are no obstacles at 200 feet.

I am in the process of applying to Yaesu to upgrade the repeater to their new DR-1 System Fusion repeater which would turn our site into a C4FM Digital Repeater.  We will find out in the next few days if Yaesu has accepted our application.