Some of you out there have heard of the DV4mini usb device that has the capabilities of transmitting C4FM, Dstar, DPMR, and DMR.

I have one of these DV4mini sticks running on my Raspberry Pi 2b and thought that I would post a link to download the Raspberry Pi image for easy use.

There are some images for downloads on the Internet, but most of them are in German and do not have the right setting for keyboard and language.  I’ve taken the plunge and have fixed these issues for you guys to download the image, flash it on your 16 Gig or greater SDcard and play with it.

I have two versions for download.  One is for the Raspberry Pi 2b with the use of the HDMI port and the other is for the Itontec 3.5″ LCD touch screen running DV4mini compact software.

I am not a unix programmer and know enough to get by so if you have issues with my images I really won’t be able to help you.

One thing that I have found.  If you use a Windows computer to format your 16 Gig or greater micro sdcard, the image might not fit.  I have found that using a mini camera, or Android cell phone fixes this issue.

Here is what you will need to flash the image file to the micro sdcard.

  1. Win32diskimager – This program will take the image file and you will download and burn it on the SD-Card.
  2. Download the full image file – Like I mentioned above I have two images that you can download.  The FTP server is located at my house so the download can take hours since it is almost 16 gigs in size.The great thing about these images….  Both in english with wifi capabilities.
  3. Link 1   dv4mini-lcd-pi2.img – 16 gig image with DV4mini compact O/S with autostart, wifi dongle, and driver for itontec 3.5″ touch screen LCD for Raspberry Pi 2b.
  4. Link 2  dv4mini-pi2.img – 16 gig image with DV4mini full version for Raspberry Pi 2b with auto start of the software.
  5. Full instructions for installing the necessary drivers and config files can be downloaded here.
  6. You might have to calibrate your 3.5″ screen when you have finished downloading my image.  To do so follow download this pdf file 35calibrate 
  7. If you need to recalibrate your screen for some reason you will need to remove the pointercal.xinput  this file is located in /etc/pointercal.xinput  To remove the file just use the sudo rm /etc/pointercal.xinput  and restart your pi.  It will automatically start the calibration screen.
  8. The user manual for the DV4mini can be downloaded here.
  9. To monitor the USA reflector based out of Florida, click on this link