Monthly Archives: March 2015

KK4EQF Repeater Temporarily Down

The KK4EQF repeater will be off and on for the next few weeks while we upgrade the repeater and antenna system.  We are having a power issue at the repeater site and electricians are rewiring the room and the circuit that is connected to our repeater.

RX 145.470  TX 144.870   PL Tone 146.2
Echolink Node 890370

KK4EQF Applies for System Fusion Repeater

The KK4EQF groups has applied to Yaesu for a DR-1 System Fusion Repeater to replace our older Alinco based repeater.

Yaesu is running an amazing program to sell their repeater at a deeply discounted price.

Since there is no System Fusion repeaters in the Pinellas County area as of yet, the KK4EQF repeater would be one of the first to run it.

Hopefully all the paper work was submitted properly and that the approval process runs smoothly.